Cloud Hosting: How Safe Are Your Files?

Cloud Hosting Redefining Business: How Safe Are Business Files if You Save Them in the Cloud?

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Without a doubt, the advent of cloud hosting technology has made the dissemination and storage of information – personal or business – far more convenient than ever. Still, this new cloud hosting technology may cause some users to wonder how secure their private and proprietary information really is. While cloud technology is not perfect, it does offer a significant measure of security to its users.

Cloud Hosting Offers Major Security for Users

Here’s how cloud hosting safeguards your business:

Password Protection – While passwords can be hacked, they are a relatively secure first line of defense against hackers. Still, some safeguards must be taken to ensure their full utility. Passwords with a wide variety of elements including capital letters, numbers and special characters are best. These are less likely to be compromised by brute force or “dictionary” attacks. In addition, a system that ensures a regular changing of passwords is also very worthwhile and with advancements in encrypted password devices hacking without human interaction is getting better than even one year ago.

Secure HTTPS Encryption – Hackers will also try to intercept and capture data as it is being transmitted from one source to the next. Programmers have solved this issue by encrypting the data so that it is unreadable by anyone other than the intended party. This security is usually indicated by an “S” appended to the end of “HTTP” at the beginning of the URL. It is imperative that any private or proprietary info that you send be encrypted in this way.

Relative Immunity to Social Engineering – Though often overlooked by the average person, a hacker’s best strategy is often to simply talk – often claiming to be technical support – to the people in a company to obtain privileged information like passwords. Cloud storage companies are aware of the problem and train their people to not release info to anyone they do not know. The vast majority of cloud storage companies provide their own technical support and so avoid this problem altogether.

As you can see, the answer to the original question, “How safe are business files if you save them in the cloud?” is “very safe”, especially compared to most in-house security systems that rely on antiquated firewalls, poor password selection and limited resources. For more information on this topic or if you are already looking for a cloud hosted desktop solution, please contact us online at or call us directly at 954.603.1515.

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